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Now, Unlock your HTC Touch Pro Permanently by 100% Accurate HTC Touch Pro Unlock Code Generated from Instant HTC Touch Pro Server.

Easy and Fast, 100% Guaranteed Unlocking Solution

Now Unlock your HTC Touch pro by unique instant remote HTC touch pro unlock codes and use your phone with any GSM network provider around the world ,All this under 10 minutes!

Is your HTC touch pro locked onto single network, Do you wish to use your HTC Smartphone worldwide with every other network provider, Are you tried of paying those expensive roaming charges and tariff cost imposed by your network provider or travelling abroad frequently and want to use your phone with other sim cards as well, If all this you are looking for then you have come the right place.

With no technical knowledge required ,you can enjoy all benefits of unlocked HTC within minutes after placing your order with us ,So to get started
All you have to do is give your phone 15 Digit IMEI Number (Type *#06# on your phone keypad) and we will supply you the unlock code within minutes so that you can use your phone worldwide with any GSM network provider.

Currently we provide two types of services for unlocking HTC Touch Pro handset, You can check and select appropriate service from the list:

1) HTC Touch Pro Unlock Code (New Records Database service) - Select this service only if your HTC Touch Pro handset is locked any network provider around the world and is purchased before 01st June 2010. Here SIM Unlock code for HTC Touch Pro is retrieved from HTC manufacturer database which is right now the most updated database for HTC Touch Pro handsets and is exclusively sourced for HTCUnlocker.(Code processing time 0-10 Minutes)

2) HTC Touch Pro Unlock Code(Super New Records Database Service) -
Select this service only if your HTC Touch Pro handset is locked any network provider around the world and is purchased after 01st June 2010. Here SIM Unlock code for HTC Touch Pro is retrieved from Super New Records Database from HTC Super New manufacturer database which is right now the most updated database for HTC Touch Pro handsets. It is due to the fact network database is not updated for very recent HTC Touch Pro handsets. The super new database service is exclusively sourced for HTCUnlocker for limited use.

Moreover now we have integrated a special HTC IMEI unlock code checker tool from HTC manufacturer database which will help you to select the right service to unlock before placing an order. Just simply put your phone IMEI number and our tool will directly check your IMEI unlock code from the manufacturer database.

Order HTC Touch Pro IMEI Unlock Code    
unlck htc touch pro
Unlock HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Pro Instant Unlocking Service
Price: $14.99 only
Code Processing Time : 0-10 Minutes

Number of Phones
IMEI Number (Type *#06#) :

 htc touch pro unlock code

Order With Confidence ,Your Purchase is fully covered by our 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

To Pay Directly Via Credit Card:

When you click the "buy now" button ,you will be redirected to paypal secure webpage. You can also directly pay with your credit card .If you don't have paypal account ,all you need to do is simply click the "continue" button ,from there you can directly pay via credit card.

Supported Handsets:

 HTC Touch Pro T7272 (AT&T HTC Fuze / T-Mobile MDA Vario IV / O2 Xda Diamond Pro / HTC P4600 / HTC P4601 / HTC P4602 / Orange Touch Pro / Vodafone Touch Pro / HTC Raphael / HTC T7272 / XDA Serra) phone.

Our unlocking solution supports every kind of htc model including touch and type variants, But due to enhanced security mechanisms posed by network provider please don't post request of unlock code if your phone comes from one of these provider.

Important Note ,Please check before ordering:

90% of Code are back in 5 Minute max

10% of Code who didn't come back in 5 minute, supplier have to request manually in Database, and in this case have to wait up to one week, but most of the time code will return as Not Found.

Please do not post request of code if your phone comes from one of theses provider :

- Claro Brazil / Argentina / Guatemala / Dominican Republic / Chile / Puerto Rico / Peru / Nicaragua (all models)
- Brasil Telecom and Vivo Brasil (all models)
- Movistar Chile & Equador (all models)
- HTC S621 Excalibur from Telcel Mexico
- TIM Brasil (all models)
- HTC Touch HD from Bouygues France
- HTC Touch HD from Orange UK
- HTC Innovation / Nikki / Dual Touch from Bouygues France
- HTC Touch VIVA from Bouygues France
- Telenor Norway (all models)
- HTC S730 from Hungary
- HTC from Digitel Venezuela
- HTC Touch Pro from Vodafone Romania
- HTC S710 & Vox from SFR France and NEUF Telecom France
- All HTC from Neuf Telecom France
- All HTC from Tigo Spain
- HTC HD from Play Poland Network
- HTC S420 from Vodafone United Kingdom
- SPV C100 from Orange Spain
- Qtek 9100 from Movistar Mexico
- KPN Netherland (all models)
- Vodafone & Movistar : Spain
- X02HT from Softbank Japan
- Mobinil Egypt (All Model)
- ALL Network from Portugal
- ALL Network from Austria
- HTC Hero and Tattoo from Orange UK

Because for these model/provider, the network provider change the code of the phone after receive them from factory, so code will not work.

Key Benefits of Unlocking Your HTC Touch Pro

Save money on roaming charges if you are a frequent traveler.
Use your phone with any GSM provider around the world.
Freedom to switch carriers without having to buy a new phone.
Increase resale value of your phone by 100%.
Use Dual SIM adaptors on your unlocked HTC so that you can set aside your office calls and leisure calls.
Permanent unlocking ,your HTC remains unlocked forever.
Instant delivery of unlock code to your email.
Fast and easy process, Simply dial in the unlock code and your phone is unlocked.
Your purchase is fully covered by our 100% money back Guarantee.
Save money on roaming charges if you are a frequent traveler.
How Unlocking Works?
htc TOUCH PRO IMEI unlock codes

htc touch pro unlock code  At HTC Unlocker, All purchases are fully covered by our 100% Money back Guarantee and we are very confident in our unlocking system that it will surely unlock your phone but for any reason if we are not able to provide services that we mention ,simply contact us and we will gladly refund 100% of your investment, with no questions asked. Therefore you have absolutely nothing to lose.
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